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Eating Disorders An Eating Disorder Essay - 771 Words

Dear Benji, I hope everything is well in your life. We’ve been friends for over 10 years now and you and I could both agree that we know each other very well. However, I have been noticing unusual behavior from you in the past few months. Is everything alright? I want you to feel comfortable enough to talk to me about any problems that are going on in your life. I’m concerned about you. Benji I suspect you have an eating particular, anorexia. An eating disorder is a psychological disorder that interferes with peoples eating habits. Eating disorders falls under the avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder category. Eating disorders are more prevalent in women than in men. Over 10 million women and 10 million men suffer from an eating disorder. But, Anorexia Nervosa is more common among Caucasians. Eating disorders impacts women everyday by inaccurately depicting an idea of how their body image should look like. Benji I noticed how thin your hair was when I was straightening last week. Every time I combed through your hair masses of strings would fall on the floor. Then when we were at the nail salon Friday, the nail technician complained of how brittle your nails were. And you began to act very defensive when your mom complained about how much weight you’ve lost. When we’re in the cafeteria you make up excuses as to why you can’t eat. I haven’t seen you eat a meal in weeks. Benji you’re so thin but seem to complain of how overweight you are whenever you walkShow MoreRelatedEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1205 Words   |  5 PagesEating Disorders in Today’s World Eating disorders are alive and well in today’s world and they are a major problem. An eating disorder can look like a few different things, ranging from a severe reduction of food intake to over eating to feelings of negativity towards your body shape or weight (Lehigh University). While some disorders can only be found in specific age groups, races, etc., eating disorders can be found amongst all and it does not necessarily have to be pointed towards food (LehighRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1184 Words   |  5 Pagesas an eating disorder. Weir (2016) goes on to explain the origins behind eating disorders in individuals. This topic is important because, in the United States, many women and men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their life. It is important to know the influences that cause an individual to experience an eating disorder. Genetically, or environmentally, or both genetically and environmentally. Anorexia ner vosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder are eatingRead MoreEating Disorders : An Eating Disorder1906 Words   |  8 Pagesobtain their body goal, thus causing an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a psychological condition that is characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits. There are three types of eating disorders; which are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating.These disorders affect all aspects of a person’s life, including their psychological, emotional, and physical health. There are many factors that contribute to individuals developing eating disorders including: genetics, family pressuresRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1573 Words   |  7 Pagesaffects people called an â€Å"eating disorder.† Why did you choose this topic? I chose this topic because it is a very prevalent issue in our society today, and a close friend of mine is suffering from an eating disorder. What question(s) did you want to answer or what was your hypothesis regarding this topic? As mammals, there is no chance of escaping the need to consume food in everyday life. However, when it comes to food there can be a major concern of eating too much or eating too little. Doing eitherRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1104 Words   |  5 PagesEating disorder is a serious problem happens in both men and women. Eating disorder is a sort of disease in which a person is having a strange routine of eating like consuming a huge amount of food each time they eat. This can incorporate not eating enough nourishment or indulging. Eating disorder influence many people around the world. The larger part of peoples who are dealing with this issue are ladies. A person with eating disorder issue may focus nonsensically on their weight and shape. EatingRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1410 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"An eating disorder is about anxiety and control and healing from trauma and food and weight are just the tools of destruction† (Floyd, Mim ms, Yelding, 2008). An eating disorder is defined as a severe disturbance in eating behavior. An eating disorder, as defined by our text book for class, is psychological disturbances that lead to certain physiological changes and serious health complications. The three most common and most easily identifiable forms of eating disorders include anorexia nervosaRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder966 Words   |  4 PagesEating Disorders Many people, both women and men of all ages, suffer from the psychological disorder, eating. Up to thirty million people in the world suffer from some kind of an eating disorder. There a two types of eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, and have several methods of treatment. What is an eating disorder, and what do they cause? Eating disorders are maladaptive and very serious interruptions in eating. They can come in the form of overeating, or not eating enough, they are oftenRead MoreEating Disorders And Eating Disorder1496 Words   |  6 PagesAn eating disorder is an illness that causes serious disturbances to your everyday diet, such as eating extremely small amounts of food or severely overeating. A person with an eating disorder may have started out just eating smaller or larger amount of food, but as some point, the urge to eat less or more has gotten out of control. Severe distress or concern about body weight or shape may also signal an eating disorder. Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and a binge-eatingRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder2461 Words   |  10 PagesEating Disorders Even though eating disorders are less prevalent in society today than they have been in the past, they are still one of the most diagnosed mental illnesses today. These three illnesses have short term as well as long term effects that can leave a damaging toll on the patients’ lives and are very hard to overcome. This is shown through not only the characteristics of Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-eating Disease, but also through the psychological and physical harm theseRead MoreEating Disorders : Eating Disorder1031 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The eating disorder is a very jealous and abusive partner. It requires a lot of devotion in the extent that you have to devote yourself to tending to the anorexia. There s not a lot of time left over for adult life,† was stated by Dr. Doug Bunnell, a specialist in eating disorders. Eating disorders effect a variety of people. Age, race, and gender aren’t role playing keys in eating disorders. Not everyone gets an eating disorder, but if they do then, it will more than likely destroy their lives

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Down and Out the Great Depression Letters From the Forgotten Man by Book Report/Review

Essays on Down and Out the Great Depression Letters From the Forgotten Man by McElvaine Book Report/Review The paper "Down and Out the Great Depression Letters From the Forgotten Man by McElvaine" is a wonderful example of a book review on history. In this extensive narrative, McElvaine introduces letters, pointing out their importance and some of the themes that come out of them. This is done by preserving their original grammar, spellings, capitalization, and syntax. The book is a great tale of how forgotten men, children, and women used letters to express their suffering in one of the greatest times of hard life in America (McElvaine, 58). Going through approximately 15, 000 letters from possible sources in both the public and private sectors, Robert McElvaine tries his best to show the thoughts, the social problems, and emotions experienced by a common citizen in the critical times of the Great Depression.   In a synopsis, the book captures the everyday anguish of citizens in the thirties. McElvaine introduces to the historians, the circumstances under which people lived during the great disaster. The main argument of the author can be rationally observed that the Great Depression was the greatest ever economic crisis; a major personal event in the lives of millions of American citizens. In his view, McElvaine depicts that as opposed to popular belief, most of the individuals who suffered the depression were not merely passive victims ever recorded in history, but they were actors, producers, directors, and playwrights of the same (McElvaine, 80). All this according to the author were for the objective of taking an active role in attempting to deal with light and most significantly, get a solution to their problems. In conclusion, the author argues that World War II was the single extremely vital event that shaped and directed subsequent developments in the entire 20th century. However, there is no comparable event that shaped the world in the 1930s or that which influenced occurrences that led to WWII than the global Great Depression.

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Pie Chart Free Essays

Presentation Notes Cameron, highlighted in blue are things that need to be added to the powerpoint. Slide 1 – Landing Page (Sarah) †¢   UFC graphics Logo Slogan †¢   Consulting Firm Name Slogan – †¢   Group Members Slide 2 – Background (Sarah) †¢   Ultimate Fighting Championship ® (UFC ®), started in 1993 as a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) organization. †¢ In 2001 UFC was purchased by Zuffa and restructured MMA into a highly organized and controlled combat sport †¢ Response to the UFC brand of MMA has been tremendous, resulting in a growing fan base that has developed steadily through the years. We will write a custom essay sample on Pie Chart or any similar topic only for you Order Now Slide 3- Background (Sarah) †¢   UFC is the worldwide benchmark for Fight Entertainment industry †¢   They lead the global mixed martial arts industry with 90% of market share Insert graphic here of MMA market share Slide 4- Market Share (Sarah) Insert PPV Breakdown chart here ADD PIE CHART HERE * UFC has declined in PPV market share (within the fight entertainment industry) from 57% in 2010 to 51% in 2011. What to say: Slide 2: Background The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was created in 1993 as a medium to display multiple forms of martial arts and classify the most effective fighting style in a real life fight. Mainstream exposure damaged consumer perception of the product due to the violent and â€Å"no-rules† nature of the sport; and as exposure languished, so did profits. The company struggled to gain television exposure and found itself competing with professional wrestling, which is staged fighting, and traditional fighting programming such as boxing and martial arts tournaments. However, by 2003, UFC came under new management who wanted to change the strategic course of the company. Management saw the opportunity to rebrand itself from a sport to a sports entertainment organization categorized as â€Å"fighting†. It installed a new set of rules – eliminating hair pulling, head butting, groin strikes and other dangerous maneuvers from the matches. Zuffa the parent company of UFC has given consumers an innovative option for fight entertainment. UFC blends the athleticism of boxing and mixed martial arts, the production value and character creation of professional wrestling, along with the drama of reality television into one unique product. Response to UFC has been very successful and fan base has been consistently growing for the past several years. Slide 3: Background The results have been very visible. UFC has now become a billion dollar empire that reaps profits from PPV, merchandise, and live events. It has grown progressively and through acquisitions it has become the industry leader and benchmark in the fight entertainment industry. By 2009, it was estimated that the UFC had captured 90% market share of mixed-martial arts entertainment. Slide 4: Market Share Even though UFC holds the majority of the MMA market share it barely contributes over half when talking about the PPV industry. Like the term â€Å"pay-per-view† suggest, you pay to view an event whether it be a live event or movie. Live events are segmented into more narrow of categories such as concerts, professional sports and college sports. UFC is listed under MMA PPV, which is considered as a fight entertainment, a sub-category of professional sports. In 2010 UFC held strong with having 57% of the market share of PPV in the fight entertainment industry. However one year later in 2011 it dropped to only having 51% of the PPV market share within the fight entertainment industry. How to cite Pie Chart, Essay examples

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Outstanding English Essay Topics and Questions

Students find academic writing time consuming and tiring. Sometimes it makes them feel like quitting school because of all the assignments. This is why our team of experts has dedicated their time and resources to create this guide to help you get your essay writing off the ground. Writing essays is rather a daunting task for students. The high amount of research that has to be undertaken and the actual writing is dizzying. We understand this since our writers know what instructors expect from scholars. An English essay is a large project, and they are many steps involved when crafting an essay. Our writers have broken down the most important parts of writing an essay, choosing the best essay topic. When you follow this guide, you will find it easy to write an essay successfully. How to Select the Best English Essay Topic? The most important part of academic writing is finding the most suitable topic for your essay. When choosing a topic, try to find a subject that is interesting, and you have an idea about. Choosing a vague or dull topic will make your essay writing boring, and you will not be able to write a compelling essay. Your topic should not be too broad because it won’t allow you to develop your argument in a short essay fully. Choose a narrow topic that can clearly state your key points and back it up with substantial evidence. Always brainstorm on a relevant topic before you start writing on it, find out if you have all the needed information to support a topic. It will allow you to have a constant flow of ideas when putting together an assignment. A Brilliant List of English Essay Topics for You It is about time we answered your question. Our team of experts compiled a list of essay topics that are most suitable for students. These essay topics have been researched and proven to be good essay topics to focus on. Technology and its effects on the changing world My role model and idol The ban of alcohol and tobacco: benefits and drawbacks Special traditions that make my family different from others Abortion and its consequences Hobbies as a representation of one’s personality Rights of national minorities The necessity of a diploma to be successful The real changes in the penitentiary system Enhancement of privacy on the Internet The historical role of Columbus in the development of America The advantages of being a professional in one field versus having knowledge of different ones The most famous American writer who influenced the nation The beauty standards and their influence on teenagers The modern phenomena of globalization: pros and cons. My future career path Archeology and the secrets of the past These are the most eye-catching essay topics and are sure to change your grades and make them higher. Examples of English Essay Questions You may be wondering how English essay questions may be set or phrased. Here are some common essay questions: What are the four primary skills that have to be taught in a modern communicative classroom? What led Susan Bassnett to say translation studies would replace comparative literature? What is your assessment of her argument? What social, economic and political changes have modern technology brought? How do semantics and pragmatics both have a role in understanding the meaning of Poverty? What are the pros and cons of globalization? Brilliant English Essay Ideas from Professionals Developing essay ideas if you are new to the writing scene may be hard. But if you have an exciting and mind-blowing topic, it serves as a vital part of finding the main idea of your essay. Here are some ideas for your essay: A student could explain the changes or revolutions scientists have made in our world today. A student can go more into the issue of global warming. Define it and explain the relevant measures countries are taking to prevent it. A student could expound on capitalism and communism. Explain the meaning of the terms and how they are used in their respective countries. A student could develop the idea of marijuana legalization. Explain the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana. A student could describe modern and traditional beliefs of the country he/she lives in. How do they affect the morals of people today versus in the past? But this might not be easy for all students. That is why our affordable essay writing service gives you the option of using our ideas, in other words, our writers will put together a fantastic essay for you. If you are still having a hard time crafting your essay, you could always rely on us. Our professionals are dedicated to satisfying all your academic writing needs. For high-quality English essays at affordable rates, you can always count on us. Being in university and college is frustrating in itself. Managing your time and resources can prove to be hard, from having a part-time job, attending lectures, exams. Take some time off from your busy schedule by letting our experts handle your assignments. Call us today!

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Cyber Porn essays

Cyber Porn essays Imagine a place where you have access to anything and everything one could want. Some would say that is only existent in a utopia, and some would say that describes the Internet. Many adults go on to the net and access pornographic material that would be unsuitable for children. This is called cyberporn. The controversy lies in the fact that children are accessing these materials also. Government, activist groups, and concerned parents are fighting to regulate obscene material found over the Internet to protect children. The first amendment is the only thing protecting adults from losing their rights to obtain pornographic or indecent material on the net. Under the first amendment the government must not regulate cyberporn. Online sex has been around since the first bulletin boards were available over the computer in the early 1980's. People would pay to down load pornographic pictures and talk dirty to each other. Usenet groups took control of porn after the Internet came about. They did not charge people to down load picture and to interact with others. In result, Internet porn grew (Rosen 16). Things have changed drastically since then with over a million different sites available to access porn. Now it is not just for adults. Children are accessing the obscene materials. This brings rise to issues of how to protect them from problems that can arise. The materials they view, could influence children. They could also be subjected to cybersex in a chat room full of people that could be three times their age. Worst of all pedophilias could influence children to meet with them outside of the computer. The government and the United States citizens must now figure out how to protect our childr en from the effects of cyberporn, and yet at the same time protect the adults from loosing their constitutional rights. In response to the need to protect children the Communications Decency Act was passed. The first part ...

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GCSE Critical Thinking Basic Guide on Qualifications

GCSE Critical Thinking Basic Guide on Qualifications GCSE Critical Thinking: Basic Guide on Qualifications How accurate the evaluation of someone’s critical thinking can be? There are loads of debates swirling around the ability to critically analyse the surroundings and the above mentioned question because the phenomenon is so abstract and individual that not a lot of educational institutions venture into assessing this skill †¦ except for the ones in the UK. What is GCSE Critical Thinking? GCSE is a certification system that was implemented back in 1988 and overtook other assessment ways. And in 2009 it expanded up to critical thinking. There are 2 types of qualifications you can get by passing GCSE: Advanced Subsidiary GCE (introduction to critical thinking, basic concepts and principles of analysis) Advanced GCE (deeper understanding of critical analysis and evaluation, ability to form fully-featured arguments) There is no strict sequence of taking the exams, you can freely start with the second one if you feel like it. The only thing is that prior to applying for courses you need to obtain a general educational level complying with National Curriculum Level 4. You are also advised to pass a GCSE on the English language with a minimum C score. What Qualifications Are You Supposed to Have in Order to Pass? Critical thinking consists of 2 main elements each of which bears a certain value for this skill. And these 2 components are at the centre of attention during the courses and the exams themselves. Let’s see what they are and which qualifications they are responsible for: Analysis of Reasoning – the ability to split the reasoning into separate parts, mark and categorise them, understand and explain the relationships between those parts. In the sphere of its influence there are a number of knowledge elements you need to have or acquire: Knowing different relevant terms like coherent, structure, opinion, challenge, assess, counter, etc.; Understanding the core difference between an argument and explanation, and situations when they can interlace; Being able to explain the meaning and purpose of analogy, general principles, intermediary conclusion. Evaluation of Reasoning – the ability to determine if the argument is weak or strong and identify the flaws as well as fortes. It is responsible for: Specifying the drawbacks of reasoning by applying the terms like conflation, slippery slope, confusing cause, post hoc, etc. as well as understanding the difference between them; Tracing appeals (means of emotional impact used as tools of persuasion) and categorising them according to their nature (history, authority, tradition, etc.); Being able to use statistics (research findings, surveys, etc.) to evaluate arguments and evidence; Analysing evidence, suggesting possible future outcomes and/or impact of further evidence, proposing conclusions. These are the most important qualifications that you acquire during courses that are provided before certification. Of course, they are not all – for further research on the topic consult But our article will give you a general idea what GCSE paper on critical thinking is all about. Weigh up the pros and cons, choose the level of a certificate and start preparing!

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Will Children's Centre Managers effectively respond to budget cuts Dissertation

Will Children's Centre Managers effectively respond to budget cuts without compromising the children centres ethos and vision - Dissertation Example However, the recent budget cuts have had a key impact upon the services provided by these Centres. The dissertation deals with the managers’ response to the budget cuts taking into account the ethos and vision of the centres. The paper has been divided into various sections so that it becomes easier to achieve the aims of the research. At the outset, the paper tries to provide a short introduction to the Children’s Centres and the issues faced by them. The research aim is introduced in this particular section. The next chapter is the literature review that assists in the analysis of the findings. The third chapter is the research methodology where the researcher tries to address the research methods applied to successfully achieve the objectives of the research. Qualitative method has been applied in the dissertation. Questionnaire has been prepared for conducting the personal interview and analysed with the help of secondary data and with the help of the literature rev iew. The research paper progresses with research findings and analysis. It tries to address what the managers say regarding the budget cuts. Finally conclusion and recommendation are provided in order to summarise the findings of the whole study and to provide recommendation for further improvement. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Chapter One: Introduction 6 1.1. Background of the Study 6 1.2. Statement of the Problem 8 1.3. Objectives of the Study 9 1.4. Structure of the Study 10 Chapter Two: Literature Review 11 2.1. Children’s Centres’ Ethos and Vision 11 2.2. The Recent and Future Budget Cuts 12 2.3. Effect of Budget Cuts on Cambridgeshire Children’s Centres 16 Chapter Three: Research Methodology 20 3.1. Research Approaches 20 3.2. Research Methods 22 3.3. Data Collection Process 24 3.4. Data Analysis 26 3.5. Ethical Issues of the Study 27 Chapter Four: Findings and Analysis 28 4.1. Findings 28 4.2. Analysis of the Findings 32 4.2.2. Measure s and Management of the Budget Cuts 34 4.2.3. Involvement of Staffs in the Planning Process 35 4.2.4. Ethos and Vision of Children Care 36 4.2.5. Steps to Ensure That the Centres Stays Focused On the Ethos and Visions 36 Chapter Five: Discussion 37 Chapter Six: Recommendations 42 Chapter Seven: Conclusion 45 7.1. Summary of the Key Findings of the Study 45 7.2. Limitations of the Study 46 7.3. Scope of the Study 46 References 48 Bibliography 58 Chapter One: Introduction 1.1. Background of the Study In the modern era, Children’s Centres have become a significant part of the socio-demographic environment of various cultures. With the increasing complexity in the lifestyle preferred by the population, services provided by the Children’s Centres have proved to be of immense support to the parents. The services provided by the Children’s Centres in a society are related to the health services, family support services, family activity information, child care education services and employment and training counsels. However, Children’s Centres operating in various regions are concerned with the health, education and other related issues of the children aged between 0 to 5 years. With the aim of betterment of the child care practices in the society, Children’s Centres perform a variety of activities, such as drop-in play sessions, parental guidance, child development courses, access to health visitors and various other counselling services (Cambridgeshire County Council, 2009). Thus, Children’s Centres have become an integral part of the society in the current era which in turn signifies its obligation towards the local communities. In other words, as the interest of the local communities and its stakeholders is built-in with the operations of the Children’